The Case for Her: chosen brief

I have recently come across D&AD competition. D&AD is firm started by art directors and designers in 1962, to celebrate creative communication and raise standards within their industry. Since then, they have been conducting competitions every year and it has become a global community. As a non-profit advertising and design association, all D&AD’s surpluses go straight into programmes such as New Blood, inspiring the next generation of creative talent and stimulating the creative industry to work towards a fairer more sustainable future.

I have also participated in D&AD New Blood Awards and I have chosen the brief set by ‘McKinsey Design’ and ‘The Case for Her’ – Change the way world thinks about menstruation issues and undo the social stigmas surrounding them. McKinsey is consulting firms that help its private, public and social sector clients to improve their performance realize important goals. Whereas, The Case for Her is a collaborative funding organisation which invests in women health and major areas such as Menstruation, Female Sexual Pleasure and Menopause.  Their brief stated that Menstruation is still a social and cultural taboo globally. There are many situations where women are excluded to take part in everyday activities and are shamed for a natural phenomena. I chose this brief because I am born and brought up in India and I have seen females facing similar issues. I have heard taboos like ‘don’t go to kitchen or temple during these days’ because you will make these places impure and plenty other myths. These are changed overtime but the stigmas still persists in many places all over the world.

Menstruation is a natural phenomena and everyone needs to understand that and no one must be reluctant to talk about it. An interesting article in the Telegraph discusses that, ‘school children will be taught that all genders can have periods in new sex education lessons, in a victory for transgender rights campaigners’. Another article by Always brand shares that they donated 14 million pads to help in ending period poverty among school girls.

It is disgraceful how some individuals give humiliating comments on a life giving condition. Moreover menstruation lacks support in areas of education, health, sanitation and hygiene, water supply, pain relief methods, accessibility and affordability. This is a concerning issue and I want to be a part of it. Also, I have started my secondary research to acknowledge more and come up with ideas which I can further implement in the competition.




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