Re-design challenge

In our initial sessions we had an activity in which we had to redesign a gift-giving experience for our partners. First we had a interview of each other in groups of two and asked them what all gifts they have given to their loved ones, what difficulties they faced while selecting gift for their partner, did they like it and how was the overall experience? My teammate told me that her partner had interest in cosmetics and accessories so he used to gift her same. He feels to give something to his partner which makes her remember him always and can keep those things with her. But she also expected more from him, a better experience like him planning something for her or taking her out for a romantic dinner. I captured this problem and tried to resolve it and we started to dig deeper knowing each others’ partners feeling and emotions and furthermore about their likes and dislikes. After doing this, we have to come up with a new solution to work on the problem and discuss it with our teammate.

Moreover after thoroughly checking the problem, I came up with a solution to plan a party place where people can take their partners and a ‘party planner’ team can decorate a theme for them and organize such small events. Some people complaint that booking party halls and restaurants are expensive for such small events, also they need secluded place to enjoy with their loved ones. So I also innovated an idea to ask people whose houses are empty and no one is living there to contact them and book them on rent for a few hours and the supervising team can decorate as per the client’s requirement and will send the housekeeping team to set the site back to original before leaving. My teammate liked the idea and said it can work well if worked more on this!


It was challenging to decide because a gift is not asked by anyone, sometimes it is hard to make a decision for our special ones. A small event engages people weeks to decide what to gift. There are many options available still it is tough to choose one! It needs understanding of the person you are looking the gift for. Keeping oneself in their place to empathize their needs and desires.gifting_strategy

Such activities are very engaging and I enjoy working on these. It help us understand others and find solutions to different problems which is beneficial for our startup and future endeavors too.



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